5 Habits of Billionaire John Paul DeJoria


As most of you know, I am a Paul Mitchell School owner and grateful to be business partners with Winn Claybaugh, Dean of Paul Mitchell Schools, and John Paul DeJoria, cofounder of John Paul Mitchell Systems and majority owner of Patron Tequila.

Recently, John Paul was featured on CNBC’s Follow the Leader show, and he was amazing, to say the least. I can tell you firsthand that his personality and demeanor on the show were exactly the same as the man I know and love.

I loved the program so much that, for the next 5 weeks, I’m going to expand on John Paul’s 5 habits to encourage and challenge all of us to make them part of our habits as well.

If you missed it, you can watch the full episode of Follow the Leader at CNBC.com: http://cnb.cx/1RGETOR

And here’s a fun little video about how my ultra-busy mentor and partner saves valuable time while traveling:



Habit #1: Use Technology Sparingly

Are you ready for the first of 5 tips that my business partner John Paul DeJoria recommends for becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Habit #1 is use technology sparingly. I honestly agree with this one, perhaps because like John Paul I’m not tech savvy either, but mostly because I believe that a successful entrepreneur can’t live behind a desk or a computer. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be with people. Every business is a people business, and we need to know how to connect with them so they’ll buy what we’re selling. And every business is selling something!

As John Paul recommends, leave technology to the experts. Hire people who can help you advertise. Social media is free, so be sure to use it. In my business it’s how we keep in touch with our leads after we’ve connected in person. I have very few connections with whom I haven’t connected to face-to-face first. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are my personal favorites and social media has become a bit of a second job for me; however, I hire people to keep it current in all of my businesses.

I do get a lot of emails, and my rule of thumb has always been to answer them within 24 hours; however, I often get behind so I’m working on several systems to keep them current.

I’d love to hear your ideas on how you stay up on technology. How do you keep from getting inundated or carried away with it? I must admit, I often have to limit my time because I’m addicted to Pinterest. I’d love to hear your tips, so please share!

Habit #2: Waste No Time on Wardrobe

Last week I told you that my business partner John Paul DeJoria was on the CNBC show, “Follow the Leader,” and I am so delighted by all the people I’ve met since then who loved the program. Have you seen it yet? If not, check out my last blog and click on the link. It truly is outstanding.

John Paul talked about 5 habits that have helped him along his way, and I have to say I am definitely adopting all 5 into my future leadership/success classes.

What did you think of the first habit I wrote about last week, Use Technology Sparingly? Truly, technology can take over your life and become a part-time job but we can’t live without it. My daughter Brianna is my business partner in a salon and she recently told me she gets as many as 5 new clients a week based on her Instagram posts of before-and-after photos of hair she has cut and colored. She said people travel as far as an hour to see her. As she builds her business and gets busier, she will need to delegate most of the posting to other team members so she can always be with people, but because it is so crucial to the growth of her business, she will always keep up on technology trends to continue to grow.

Are you ready for John Paul’s habit #2? Waste No Time on Wardrobe

I agree 100% with this one. You’ll probably be surprised to hear that I dislike shopping. It’s true. I’d rather work than go shopping! I find it frustrating, and trying on clothes feels like a workout … and not the fun kind!

Shopping is such a time-waster: you could be working on your craft or your business but instead you’re looking for outfits. To John Paul’s message, I would also add: why waste time and money on cheaper clothes? You’ll actually save time by buying a few more expensive outfits and wearing them longer. I’ve personally wasted (and sometimes still do) so much money on cheap clothes, only to wear them a few times.

In our company we are required to wear black (we can accessorize with color). I can honestly say that the all-black look is both easy and timeless.

Even if you prefer colorful clothes, look for easier ways to buy them, such as shopping online. Choose a few favorite stores instead of wasting days going through 50 of them. Personally, I love the White House Black Market store, where you can go into the fitting room and staff members bring you clothes they think you’d like to try on. I do all my shopping in a few high-quality hours and get on with my day.

Some of you are probably thinking, “But Tina, shopping is a bit of a sport for me and I love it.” And I’m thinking, “Really? You can’t find other sports? How about working out? Or going to the gym? Or reading a good leadership book to help your business?”

John Paul is successful for a reason. We should listen to him. The bottom line is: Stop wasting time!

Now, before you reply with hate email, how about at least narrowing down your shopping to 2 or 3 stores, or 1 or 2 online shopping venues? Your paycheck and your family are counting on you to use your time wisely.

Habit #3: Lean on Your Kids for Advice

Are you loving John Paul DeJoria’s advice so far on five of his successful habits? Are they shocking you? Honestly, the more I dig into them, the more I realize how practical they are and how true they are in my life as well.

The first two were:
1. Use Technology Sparingly
2. Don’t Waste Time on Wardrobe

Ready for #3? Lean on Your Kids for Advice

“Well,” you might be saying, “my kids are too young,” or “I don’t have any kids.” Then I say lean on those who know you best. The ones who truly have your back, not the ones who tell you what you want to hear. I loved it on the show when John Paul said he often goes to his daughter Alexis for advice because she has no problem speaking up whatsoever. John Paul said he’s surrounded with so many yes people and he knows his daughter will give it to him straight.

I was so glad he said that because that’s exactly what I’ve done with my kids since they were born, especially with my daughter Brianna. She’s been around my business since she was 6 years old and she’s never missed a beat. Sitting in on dinner meetings or conversations I had with her dad, she’d sometimes speak up and say something profound. In those moments, I knew she’d be my eventual replacement. I always tell people she’s a new and improved version of me, and it’s true. She has all the positive characteristics of her dad and many of mine as well. She’s also my hair and wardrobe stylist. There’s rarely an outfit or hairstyle that I don’t get approved by her first!

Brianna and I are now business partners in a salon venture with celebrity stylist Ken Paves. To be honest, she’s been running the salon virtually on her own with very little input from her father and me.

I often lean on Brianna for personal and business advice. The same is true with my son. He’s very intuitive with people and he just gets it. So often when he’s home from college I’ll run things by him. He gives me sound business advice to think about and out-of-the-box ideas that expand my mind.

Try it on! Like John Paul says, when you need input, rely on those closest to you.

Habit #4: Splurge for Convenience

Are you ready for #4 of John Paul’s habits?

Here are the first 3 we’ve already talked about. If you missed them, you can go back into my archives on www.tinablack.net:

1. Use Technology Sparingly
2. Waste No Time on Wardrobe
3. Lean on Your Kids for Advice

Now here’s #4: Splurge for Convenience

I 100% agree with this one! Now, obviously I don’t have a private jet nor a personal chef, but I can tell you in my own little way and much smaller bank accounts (compared to John Paul’s), I have never cut back on convenience. Mind you, when my husband and I were first married we could only afford the salad bar for dinner at a local grocery store, but I ate healthy and was right there in the store, so I could eat and shop at the same time. Funny thing, we have a great grocery here in Michigan and we still do the same … eat at their mini restaurant while we grocery shop. It’s not only convenient; it’s also fast and fun.

In everything I do, I know I have to spend money to make money. From the minute I started working, I’ve always hired someone to clean my house because I knew it would take time from my job, which would mean less money for me. I’ve always splurged on slightly more expensive clothes because they wash better (don’t have to waste time ironing) and last longer. In everything I do, I ask myself, “Is it necessary? Is it convenient?” If the answer is no, then I rarely do it.

Look around you. Where can you splurge for convenience? Make a bucket list and set a budget on where you can splurge. Time is money—don’t forget that!

Habit #5: Stay Positive

Ready for #5 of billionaire John Paul’s habits?

Here are the first 4:
1. Use Technology Sparingly
2. Waste No Time on Wardrobe
3. Lean on Your Kids for Advice
4. Splurge for Convenience

And here’s #5: Stay Positive

I will admit, I’m probably one of the most positive people I know. Unlike John Paul (and my husband, I might add), my positivity scale plummets under pressure, adversity, or pain. I tend to freak out. A lot. And complain. A lot. Thank God for my husband because he calms me. I also repeat this affirmation over and over to calm myself: “There’s nothing to worry about ever.”

How about you? Are you positive? Especially when bad things happen? Or do you whine, moan, and complain? The first step is awareness. If you’re not sure, ask those closest to you. Then, if you’re like me, set an accountability plan for those moments because I honestly believe the universe won’t grant you more to take care of until you can take care of what you already have (properly, and with a positive attitude).

One of my accountability plans is a daily gratitude journal. The first thing I do when I wake up is journal what I’m grateful for from the day before. Then I write down all my “static” (that’s a nice word for challenges), and after I write it out I give it all over to God and repeat my mantra: “There’s nothing to worry about ever.” Then I spend time meditating on God’s word and praying. Then I work out at the gym or with one of my Beachbody at-home workouts. These are my default habits to keep me positive. Without them … well, you don’t want to know what happens to me!

At the end of this message, you’ll find a great video that gives you “10 Things You Should Do Every Day Before 10 AM.” I know you’ll love it as much as I did.

Now, go get positive and change the world!

P.S. I’d love your feedback about the 5 Habits of Billionaire John Paul DeJoria and my versions of them. Let me know any victories!

Again, in case you missed it, here’s the link to “Follow the Leader” featuring John Paul DeJoria: http://cnb.cx/1RGETOR