Get Ready to Learn, Get Ready to Lead

Recently I had the privilege of hosting the first-ever L2 leadership conference in my Paul Mitchell School in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Like all of the coaches for the John Maxwell Team, I was given the opportunity to host this leadership simulcast featuring John Maxwell giving valuable insights from his book, Good Leaders Ask Great Questions, along with best-selling author and marketing expert Linda Kaplan Thaler and best-selling author and former Yahoo executive Tim Sanders.

It proved to be an extraordinary event! What a blessing to have local business owners in the room to experience this groundbreaking event.

As a Paul Mitchell School owner since 2001, I have had the opportunity to not only train hairdressers but, through the leadership of Winn Claybaugh and John Paul DeJoria, founders of Paul Mitchell Schools, to also change a lot of lives through the brilliant culture we teach. You see, we are one of the few educational companies in the world that recognizes that talent is not enough succeed in life: you must grow yourself personally to succeed, no matter what road you take. We have always taught that personal development is 85% of your success; the rest is technical.

John Maxwell has a similar philosophy in his books and motivational teachings. I have already put into action some personal takeaways from the leadership event, and I know you will love them, too:


  1. Schedule a monthly meeting with people better than yourself and ask powerful questions such as: What’s the greatest lesson you ever learned? What are you learning now? How has failure shaped your life? Who do you know that I should know? Will you help me meet them? What have you read that I should read? What have you done that I should do? How can I add value to you?


  1. Stop being a helicopter parent, boss, and teacher. Put your hands in your pockets! Nothing propels success more than failure. Let the people around you fail. Don’t micromanage.


  1. Be as careful about what you put in your mind as what you put in your body. The first 45 minutes of the day are critical. Don’t watch the news, read the news, or go online: media is negative programming. Start your day with gratitude and growth.


  1. Don’t just read a book: devour it.


  1. Calendar your day within the first 45 minutes of your day and leave open spots – give yourself time to think.


These were just a powerful few. Next year I plan to host the event again. Mark your calendars for October 9, 2015. Invite your team to attend with you. I look forward to seeing you there! I will be hosting an event near all 3 of my schools: Sterling Hts Michigan, Port Huron Michigan, and Fort Myers Florida