John Maxwell Team Training

I recently completed the John Maxwell Tam training and have been certified by Dr. John C. Maxwell in the following programs: Becoming a person of Influence, Everyone communicates few connect, How to be a REAL success, Leadership Gold, Put your dreams to a test.

This next year I am working on completing my John Maxwell University training and mentorship program on his learning systems to monetize and grow my business: mastermind groups, lunch and learns, 1 on 1 coaching, group training, workshops/seminars, as well as speaking/keynotes.

On a personal note, John Maxwell is an incredible human being, very down to earth and easy to understand. Who talks to you, not at you, and along with my John Paul Mitchell system partnership with John Paul Dejoria, and Winn Claybaugh; I am learning tools and systems to add even more value to my staff, to my future professionals,  and now in local businesses. I am teaching mastermind groups via telephone conferences as well as success classes in any and all businesses. Contact me to schedule a class for your business, and/or a master mind group. Your life will never be the same! Laughing




  1. Amy Tilley

    Hi Tina,
    Congrats on all of your success. I am looking into taking the John Maxwell Leadership training and wanted to hear more about it from someone that has been through the program but not directly involved with it.

    I am sure these questions will be answered during the program but… again, I want to hear from someone in the field 🙂
    1) How much do you charge for your workshops, consulting, 1 on 1 coaching, etc…?
    2) Did you find that it was worth the tuition investment?
    3) Have you received the help and assistance from the JM team that you were promised? I have taken a Wellness Coaching program before and as soon as it was over, they never followed up to make sure I was on the right path, etc… very disappointing.

    Thank you for your time,
    Amy Tilley

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