Wigs 4 Kids Receives Surprise $25,000 Donation

VarneyClaybaugh-1000_zps6c270333Wigs 4 Kids, located in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, recently received a surprise email from Paul Mitchell Schools and the Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation stating the foundation’s board of directors was granting Wigs 4 Kids a $25,000 donation with funds raised primarily by Paul Mitchell students and faculty.

“I had to read it twice,” Maggie Varney, founder & CEO of Wigs 4 Kids said. “I have always been so grateful for the support of our industry and to have this level of recognition truly validates the work we do. John Paul DeJoria of JPMS is an icon in the beauty industry and I have been fortunate enough to experience the impact he has made in my line of work. He continues to keep the integrity in our industry by the education his schools provide, products he offers and his commitment to the world we live in.”

The relationship between Wigs 4 Kids & Paul Mitchell Schools has developed over the years. Varney began speaking at several Paul Mitchell School locations regarding Wigs 4 Kids and encouraged future professionals to volunteer their time to help make a difference in the lives of kids experiencing hair loss. Students from the Michigan locations now visit Wigs 4 Kids once a month to donate cosmetology services.

Through the support of Paul Mitchell School in Michigan and its dean and owner, Tina Black, the corporate headquarters in California became aware of Wigs 4 Kids. Winn Claybaugh, co-founder of the schools invited Varney to be a guest on his “MASTERS” audio series, where he interviewed her about Wigs 4 Kids. Claybaugh also arranged for Maggie to fly out and visit the campus of Paul Mitchell The School in Costa Mesa, California, to further educate staff & students about the need to support those struggling with hair loss and low self-esteem.

Varney’s dream is to one day have curriculum in place at cosmetology schools so students can learn how to provide wigs to clients in need. “We need more people doing this kind of work, as hair loss is not a local or national problem, it is universal. I launched a “Cuts 4 a Cause” hair restoration certification program to ensure the sustainability of Wigs 4 Kids,” Varney stated. “I have had several Paul Mitchell future professionals take the training already, and I will utilize a portion of the $25,000 to underwrite the cost of “Cuts 4 a Cause” so more can benefit.”