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 What if I told you that you could gain new skills, improve your mindset, AND become a better -leader in just SEVEN MINUTES each WEEK? Sounds pretty good, right?


Amazing as it is, taking on a leadership position comes with a wide range of unique challenges, and it can be hard navigating those obstacles alone. And you shouldn’t have to! We all need help to grow into the kinds of leaders that those who count on us deserve. That’s why I’m inviting you to sign up to receive my weekly newsletter for EXCLUSIVE content on how to navigate your leadership journey more smoothly!

Whether you’re already heading your own business, managing a small group of employees, or are starting fresh and learning how to take leadership of your own life, this newsletter has something special for you. Each week you can expect to receive all kinds of great content, such as,


  • Tips on how to build a happier, more confident you
  • Advice from world-renowned leaders like John Paul Dejoria
  • Top secret information about what’s happening next with my books
  • Tricks to help you maximize your business’ efficiency
  • Lessons I’ve learned from 20 years in a leadership position
  • Advance notice about upcoming events and where I’ll be speaking next

Now, information like this often costs at least a few dollars a month, and for good reason! With all the extra work and time it takes to develop each newsletter, not to mention the years of experience it takes to develop that content, you’re likely being undercharged for newsletters that come with a price tag. But because STRONG LEADERSHIP is so invaluable, I want to give you access to these resources FREE of charge.


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Hey Tina, I’m just wondering how you over came your fears and self doubt to help you grow and become a better leader? I work for Paul Mitchell Tampa and I feel like I struggle because I’m not confident enough with myself and I haven’t found a way to go about it. 15. March 2018



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