BE A Planner is a custom day planner and priority management system is a must for those who want to maximize their productivity every day. This simple to use system combines a daily schedule with a series of workbook exercises to help you zero in on your mission. You can start using the system at any time during the year.


BE AMAZING is a must read for anyone who desires to embark on a path to reach their biggest dreams and make an explosive impact in this world. Everyone knows that creating lasting success is not easy–it requires long hours, hard work and commitment–however, it can be very rewarding and surprisingly simple by following the seven strategies presented in this book.
You will learn how to set fear aside and BE AMAZING as Tina walks you step–by–step toward a life of fulfillment and financial reward! So, what are you waiting for? Your future depends on it!



BE A LEADER is the second book by Tina Black, a rising star in the world of high–end training and performance systems.

Her friend and mentor, John Paul DeJoria, the co–founder and CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems writes the foreword of this book and captures its essence by stating "Leadership doesn't just happen, it takes time, tools and commitment. If you use the tools in this book, and commit to your growth as a leader, you will surely reach your goal."

Tina's secret to massive growth was realizing and acting on the idea that "transformation begins in me." This simple, but powerful epiphany caused her to start asking questions. It is these questions that will propel you to action and move you forward.

This book is the blueprint she used to realize her goals of growth and change. Now, she is traveling the world sharing her insights on how to become a true leader in your world.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. If you want to rise in life and business, you must be a leader, and embrace the idea that your "transformation begins in you!"