Shaun Chiodo

395892_10150544731074726_1082297716_nLooking at my life now I would have never thought that I would be the executive director of 3 Paul Mitchell Schools. I did not know what a visionary was, I didn’t know that God had a plan for me and before I came into the Paul Mitchell world there were many times I was going to take my own life. Tina says that you are who you hang out with. Reflecting back to the people that I was hanging out with when I was in high school and for the next 4 years after that I was them, I was sucked into the party life, the bar scene the late night partying sleeping all day only to do it over and over again seeing nothing wrong with because the people that I was hanging out with were doing the same thing. I managed to be arrested multiple times for drinking and driving, I rolled a car 70 feet end over end and walked away all along not realizing that God loves to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things, all I thought about is when is this pain in my life going to go away.

I did not feel that I had any value, I remember when my uncle stood over me when I was 8 and told me that Ill never amount to anything and that I am no better than an ant. Now that is something that drives me forward everyday! Tina says to develop a healthy self-image, I never had to opportunity to do that until I met someone who finally believed in me. Dealing with molestation and being gay at an early age of growing up, I never felt I was given the opportunity to have a healthy relationship with myself. I never saw myself as anything good, even though I had my own house at 20, a great job, traveled and lived the high life I was still not having a healthy balance I was out all night long every night drowning away the past I was choosing to be a victim and not a survivor and use my story to help others. I had to develop self confidence and balance in my life. All are things I did not know until I sat through Tina’s success class.

When I enrolled in the school and met Tina and went through her class she talked about choosing your focus, I had not focus at the time. I just knew that it was time I grew up and stop being that wild child! I got in touch with my spiritual side and really believe that I had a purpose to be the best I could be every day! I reached out to Tina who personally mentored me and help me grow into the person that I was always meant to be.

I was bitter and angry for so long, I lived in the rearview mirror never looking forward. It was time for me to change the channel, and start forgiving those who have hurt me and look for the good in everyone. It was time for me to process my thoughts, and not lash out. It was time not only did I set goals but I didn’t let anything stop me. That is when I decided that I want to be a school owner one day. I wanted to be just like Tina and help change the lives of everyone around me.

I am glad to say today that examining my heart today you will see so much love and care for the people in my life, I am not a complainer about things, I accept the things that I can not change and change the things I can! Life is about perspective and I had a very warped version of what life was for a very long time. I felt alone and depressed everyday and I turned to people who were not my friends but people who saw my successfulness and wanted to bring me to their level. I was angry when one of my best friends died in a car crash, I was angry that my parents got divorced, I was angry my dad was never there and lied all the time, I was angry that my family had to go through a lot of court time because of molestation, I was angry that I was coming out and not feeling accepted, I was angry that aids killed another one my friends, I was angry that my relationships were always physically and verbally abusive! I did not know what love was, why would I? I have never seen it. Until I came into such a positive world and really started to examine my heart and realized that I am loved by those around me and that I need to get back on track!
I have given back to the school and the person that changed my life and because of that I have been reaping extraordinary rewards! I have become a daymaker, a person of excellence and am living to give every day!

Life is all about shifts and vision. I started envisioning my success and my future 5 years ago when I met Tina Black and my life changed. I am a happy success person who has no regrets in life because all that I have been through has made me who I am. I am truly thankful for having sat through Tina’s success class it changed my life and actually saved my life!