BE a Coach

My latest episode from the BE Series Podcast is with Mary Burlingame, who embodies what it means to be a great coach. In fact, she was my very first business coach! Learning how to be a coach is what I believe to be one of the most important attributes of a leader. Mary explains the steps to be a great … [Read more…]

BE a Visionary

Be a Visionary Episode 55 from the BE Series Podcast is with Nate Meador all about how to BE a visionary.  One of the things he talks about is how to become balanced. I loved the twist he takes in the conversation when he explains it’s not about being balanced, but it’s about being healthy in all … [Read more…]

BE Supportive

Check out my 54th podcast episode with Lance Courtney on the BE Series Podcast! Learn why you need to BE supportive and how this character trait will propel you forward quickly. There is a dangerous “drama triangle” we all become victims of, and Lance talks about why you need to build your emotional intelligence in order to grow. Our minds make up stories in … [Read more…]

BE a Connector

My latest podcast interview with Aaron Hulett on the BE Series Podcast is packed with so much wisdom.  Check it out! Aaron teaches about his superpower (we all have one!) which is being a connector of people. He teaches you practical steps to connect, and together we unlock some untold stories of transformation in Aaron’s life.  Do you know … [Read more…]

BE Magical

Last week’s conversation on the BE Series Podcast with J.P.M.S. National Educator, Sarah Kobeski, was entitled BE Magical. Just how can you be magical and what exactly does that mean? When you enter a room do you always leave it better than you found it? I know Sarah leads this by example every single day.  We talked about how a … [Read more…]